Q: Who's Apanap?
A: This is Apanap. Apanap is a devoted BFM user and he wants to share his knowledge with others. That is why he has created this FAQ.

Apanap also wants to recommend new BFM users to run the program in safe mode until they know how everything works.

Q: Why did you create BFM?
A: BFM was a part of our programming class in school, we got the idea to create a combined first person shooter and a file manager during a (not so entertaining) maths lesson

Q: Is it possible to test BFM without deleting any files?
A: Yes, you can start BFM in safe mode by using the -s flag or by editing bfm.conf, the files won't be deleted but they'll disappear when you "kill" them

Q: How do I get from c: to d: in BFM?
Use the teleporter by pressing the teleport key (default i T) or by accessing the menu and choose Teleporter

Q: What does "hej tangent" mean?
A: "Hello key"

Q: I keep getting the "OutOfMemory" error all the time
A: This is possibly due to bug 4884065 in Java3D ("Memory leak in SetLiveState when branchGroup remove"). Try to play around with the -Xms and -Xmx parameters for Java a little, it might help

A: The source code is available, please feel free to improve it. Also you should read the disclaimer...