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Name: Daniel Forchheimer
Date: Friday 20th of June 2003 04:17:09 AM
Send us a bug report, feature request or just a comment about what you thought of BFM.

Name: Daniel Forchheimer
Date: Friday 20th of June 2003 02:46:06 PM
News: there is now a revised version of 1.0, the only differance is that this one ha a compile-script which creates a jar-file. The jar-file contains everything you need to run bfm and can be put anywhere on you drive. You can also download the precompiled jar-file and you don\'t have to have jdk (just a jre)

Name: anonymous
Date: Thursday 26th of June 2003 03:42:22 PM
I suggest you adding to the README file that this tool is very good for folks (such as me), who get\'s angry with Windows and are still considering on how they want to kill them of their harddrives. ;)))

Name: guzugi
Date: Tuesday 02nd of September 2003 10:42:40 AM
when the schmuck admins tell me to clean out the crap in my bloated personal network folder, i jump at the idea now! I have an excuse for playing \"games\" on a school computer! Good one guys!


Name: anonymous
Date: Tuesday 02nd of September 2003 10:44:09 AM
well, seeing as you allow people to spill html, lets see about php!
echo \"yep, better fix that!\";

Date: Saturday 06th of September 2003 12:05:38 AM
this *&^$%$#%#% thing does not even compile with jdk1.3!!!!!

Name: Richard Gray
Date: Monday 06th of October 2003 09:26:13 PM
Nice Software. However, I would like to play with the source code, but it is all written in foreign (don\'t recognise the language)

I would really appreciate an english translation. Thanks

Name: Dave
Date: Thursday 16th of October 2003 04:58:39 PM
So... when can we play this on a LAN with other people\'s filesystems as the stakes ?

Name: Daniel Forchheimer
Date: Monday 05th of April 2004 03:48:40 PM
Ooops. Sorry. Bug in the forum. Explains why noone wanted to write anything the last month :) Works now.

Name: Ivan Mihaljevic
Date: Tuesday 06th of April 2004 08:52:57 AM

Name: anonymous
Date: Sunday 18th of April 2004 01:57:34 AM

Name: J
Date: Sunday 18th of April 2004 02:04:20 AM
Hey, um ... this is awesome and all, but a lil\' more thought could be added to it, right ? you could use existing code for newer games, and load up hard drive pictures as walls, use maps ordered by players\' favorite (custom) game levels, move other files around, destroy active processes, use teleports as shortcuts, weapons that create files, and MUCH more ... why just delete ? :-p

Name: Henrik Johansson
Date: Thursday 22nd of April 2004 08:27:09 PM
J: The idea is that bfm should be a file manager and I guess it doesn\'t really qualify if it only can remove files :)

The next release will include ways to move and copy files (it\'s already implemented in our cvs code and will hopefully be released in a few weeks or so). Basically this will be done with the same weapons as you use to remove files but in a \'select\' or \'deselect mode\'. When you have selected the files you want to copy/move you just find your way to the destination folder and press a key to copy the files or another key to move them to that \'room\' (I hope this explanation made some sense at least).

By the way, I can promise you some new weapons in the next release as well... :)

And thanks for your suggestions, I\'ll keep them in mind...

/Henrik Johansson
Bfm developer

Name: Andy
Date: Monday 26th of April 2004 05:57:50 AM
A multiplayer mode would be awesome :)

Name: Rich
Date: Wednesday 28th of April 2004 10:23:19 AM

I\'m interested in looking at the CVS, perhaps do a bit of developing, is it public?

Name: anonymous
Date: Thursday 20th of May 2004 10:39:28 PM
what happens if i shoot the wrong file?

Name: Henrik Johansson, BFM developer
Date: Monday 24th of May 2004 05:22:18 PM
The file will be deleted just like the files you intend to hit...

...unless you started BFM in safe mode of course, then the file will be unaffected

Name: drigz
Date: Thursday 17th of June 2004 05:00:15 PM
How about a tractor beam for moving and copying files? A flag gun that posts a flag (pole and rectangle with text) on the target cylinder with file info?
Change the colours of the text in this - it\'s pretty hard to see?

Also, it doesn\'t work:
drigz@ayro:~$ bfm -s -Xms -Xmx
Exception in thread \"main\" java.lang.NullPointerException
at java.util.Arrays.sort(
at Room.(
at Bfm.(
at Bfm.main(
Why? I really wanna try it out?
That is from starti

Name: Frank
Date: Wednesday 07th of July 2004 02:38:38 PM
How do you run it on Windows?

Name: anonymous
Date: Thursday 08th of July 2004 04:10:32 PM
you people are insane.

Name: mimithebrain
Date: Friday 09th of July 2004 01:34:35 AM
a stun gun (push away files and \"damage\" them)
a corupt gun
delete folders
shot files on allowable internet space
a jump box (were you would enter something like ftp://mynick@myschools_server/myfiles)
a nuke thingy (to beat the outofmemory problem)
-> the nuke would act like this
press 5, get a nuclear bomb
drop it veryclose to a wall, run for it...
this will remove ramdomly files in the folder in order to pass without have outofmemory...

NO BLOOD, please, no blood, I hate games were there blood... At least put a -nb (for no blood) option at the command line

how about that?

===Math must have being boring that day===

You project RULES...

thanks for listening

Name: mimithebrain
Date: Friday 09th of July 2004 01:36:48 AM
almost forgot, how about a graphic quality tag, high, normal, low?

for acceleration driver-less computers...

you still rule!

Name: Kuch!
Date: Wednesday 25th of August 2004 09:09:33 PM
Where can i get java3d? I cant find any place where i can download it :>

Name: mimithebrain
Date: Thursday 02nd of September 2004 03:13:30 AM
when is version 1.2 scheduled to come out?

Name: anonymous
Date: Tuesday 21st of September 2004 01:42:54 PM
hi guys...

i wanted to ask if ur fps uses mouselook...
if it does i would be very pleased if u coud help me implementing it
in my own fps...

Name: anonymous
Date: Thursday 30th of December 2004 04:04:05 AM
Is this still going? as a systems admin, I think this is the hell out of anything else.

Name: Guilherme
Date: Friday 07th of January 2005 05:29:29 PM
Oh my fucking God!!! this is truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


Name: That, this and you guys are sick...
Date: Tuesday 22nd of February 2005 12:45:52 PM
...mizza like it ! :)

Name: anonymous
Date: Monday 14th of March 2005 03:52:02 PM
Your file manager is very cool.

I suggest that rather than have the files \"bleed when they are hit,\" you instead have them emit 1s and 0s. Possibly in phosphor green.

Name: John de Mol
Date: Tuesday 29th of March 2005 05:17:38 PM
A really interesting piece of software you got there. It\'s a pity that the filemanager is not in the portage-tree (anymore?) do you guys know anything about it or do you provide ebuilds ? (read that you\'re using gentoo)

best regards

Name: Henrik Johansson
Date: Wednesday 30th of March 2005 12:48:44 PM
John de Mol wrote: \"A really interesting piece of software you got there. It\'s a pity that the filemanager is not in the portage-tree (anymore?) do you guys know anything about it or do you provide ebuilds ? (read that you\'re using gentoo)\"

It should be by now, I\'ve submitted an ebuild to bugzilla that has been \"fixed\", it\'s listed in the portage cvs at but not at - strange...

/Henrik Johansson, BFM developer

Date: Friday 01st of April 2005 11:59:50 AM
Great program! Certainly useful in venting frustrations at virus files or that doctoral thesis that is driving me crazy!

One suggestion I would love to see is a multiplayer version under Linux. I have a small home linux server that several people in the house and across the internet login to. since I know I can see them online via the shell \'who\' command, I would think it would not be too hard to extend this into the BFM concept. Then (if all players agree) you could frag your users as well as files! Kills could be represented as \'logouts\'

Keep up the good work!

Name: zaq
Date: Sunday 24th of July 2005 11:59:34 PM
very interesting application ;) just continue a great job!

Name: joe customer. aka kevin cotthaming aka
Date: Sunday 11th of September 2005 11:30:52 PM
i downloaded the newest version of bfm for windows 98se and when i try to start the program, it says
\"could not find main class. program will exit\"
and it doesnt work. could some one help me?

Name: frug
Date: Monday 30th of January 2006 05:02:46 AM
hahhaha this is awesome.