Version 1.2 of BFM, the "WMD" release is out! :)
Date: Tuesday 22nd of January 2005
It's been a long time since our last release but now it's finally time again. Many things has happened since the last time, for instance this post appeared on slashdot and guess what, within a few moments our server was /.ed :)

But now we're back in business...

Well, let's get to the point, here's a list of changes since v1.1:
  • files bleed when they are hit
  • different file types have different shapes, images are shown as images
  • new weapons: dynamite (with a nifty progressbar), rocket launcher
  • improved zoom with SniperRifle
  • go to dialog to "teleport" to another directory
  • decreased Text2D size, this will hopefully eliminate some OutOfMemory errors
  • improved HUD:
    • adjusted z-displacement (the text shouldn't disappear into walls or files)
    • position is now calculated (less ugly code) and it's visible even if zooming with the SniperRifle
    • file player currently is aiming at and stats
  • bind actions to mouse-buttons and mouse-wheel
  • a lot of bugfixes as usual
  • player can die :)
As usual you can take a look at ChangeLog for more details
Version history can be found in NEWS


Server downtime
Date: Saturday 17th of January 2004
We've had some problems with our server the last few days but it should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused

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