Version 1.1 of BFM, the "wow, this project didn't die after all" release is out!
Date: Wednesday 13th of November 2003
A new version of BFM has finally been released, here's a list of some of all new features:
  • a config file reader
  • secondary fire: zoom with the sniper rifle
  • improved the HUD, more informative, better looking crosshairs
  • files are placed in a pattern, not just randomly
  • files change color when they are hit
  • animated weapons
  • walls are sorted alphabetically
  • a lot of bugfixes
  • cleaner code
  • cosmetic improvments
For more details take a look at the ChangeLog

New homepage look
Date: Wednesday 13th of November 2003
P|-|34R 0UR /\/\4D L337 |-|7/\/\L, P|-|P 4|\|D C55 5K1LLZ :)

A new version of BFM will (probably) be available for download within a few days!
Date: Saturday 08th of November 2003
this is what you can expect in version 1.1 of BFM:
  • bugfixes, a lot of them... :)
  • a config file reader
  • cosmetic improvements
  • somewhat cleaner code, more hacker friendly
  • option to view everything as wireframes (quite pointless really)

BFM v1.0-r1
Date: Friday 20th of June 2003
There is now a revised version of 1.0, the only differance is that this one ha a compile-script which creates a jar-file. The jar-file contains everything you need to run BFM and can be put anywhere on you drive. You can also download the precompiled jar-file and you don\'t have to have jdk (just a jre)

BFM v1.0
Date: Tuesday 3rd of June 2003
First public release